I came across an article from the Guardian today (thanks to @djbelshaw) which was by Phil Beadle.

For those who don’t know he was once the winner of teacher of the year through the teaching awards. I have met him a couple of times, and i must say that i was not very impressed with him. However he has gone on to write for several papers and been on TV. Reading this article, i must say that i actually agreed with pretty much everything he said (read article here- http://bit.ly/aurfko ).

He criticises Mr Gove (Conservative Education spokesman) and rightly so. I think that education has moved on considerably in recent times, and as a parent, I don’t want my children sat in rows learning the dates for the kings and queens of England (when have i ever needed that, other than in a pub quiz!) and learning by rote. I want children to learn how to co-operate with each other, use technology, be creative and work in teams. These are things that employers want, and are much more important in helping students be life long learners.

If you are able to work together and be creative, you are more able to met the demands of the jobs students will be doing which, as the ‘Shift happens’ video says, haven’t even been invented yet.