Firstly if you don’t know what QR codes are, here is a link to some more information, , and a clip to show how they are used.

I first started to get interested in QR codes after i read the blog of @mrrobbo ( He talked about using QR codes to identify different bones on a skeleton, and making worksheets ‘come to life’, or as extensions.

So how have i used it?

  1. As a starter; I have used QR codes as a starter with an ICT class, in a bit of a competitive way. I simply pointed them at my site, which i use for resources and tutorial videos, where i had embedded a QR code which simply told them a key word to tell me. I gave them absolutely no help. They had to research what QR codes were, how to read them and then actually read the code! It took the quickest group about 7 minutes from never seeing them, to telling me the answer!
  2. As assessment evidence; I asked a maths class to produce a video on (an alternative to movie maker), then once they published the video, it created a unique URL for their video. They then took this to and generated a QR code for their video. They then printed this off and stuck them in their books as evidence of the work we had done on line. (Thanks to @deputymitchell and the blog post which inspired the idea)

I am sure this idea will continue to grow, and as i explore more with QR codes, i will keep posting thoughts here.

How have you used them?