learning score is a lesson planning tool which gives teachers a way of bringing together multimedia and lesson overviews so students know where the lesson is going. @dougbelshaw did a good review of the software, which was developed by John Davitt, which can be found here. I read this review a good few months ago, and also heard John speak at a conference i attended, which got me thinking about the software. I looked at the website ( http://www.learningscore.com/) and downloaded the free trial to evaluate whether it would be useful for me.

What i have found is that the ‘score’ (which is what i am calling the lesson plan) can be exported as a SCORM file, and as such, can then be embedded into Fronter (our schools VLE). This is useful for a number of reasons. Firstly it means i can store the score on the VLE, and not take up any of my limited storage space that the managed service gives me. Secondly, it means that the students can have immediate access to my lesson plan. They are then able to follow this, and see exactly where we are going. lastly it could lead to discussions about what style the group prefers, and enable me to refine future scores, for example more group or individual work included.

To import the score into Fronter, you first need to export the file as a SCORM file which you can do from the file option (export for web). Once you have this saved you need to go to the ‘room’ in Fronter that you would like to place the score into. You need to make sure that the room has the Course option in the room tools;


Once you have that, click the course option, and upload the file from your documents. Make sure that you check the open in seperate window option. Once you have uploaded the score from your documents, you then need to link to it using an internal link and selecting the file in the course folder. Now that you have a link on the front page the students just need to click on the link and wait for the score to open;

Here my link is the snow data lesson.

This shows the Learning Score in Fronter as it appears. You can’t edit the score, but you can view it and interact with it. Any website links just need to be clicked on and they open in a seperate window. 

If you need any help with this please let me know and i will try to explain in more detail.