As the ashes is on sky at the moment, i was trying to find ways to watch the cricket without having to pay an extra £20 a month on an sky sports subscription. Then i read about the sky mobile TV app for the iphone and ipod touch. After downloading the free app, and then registering with sky, you can watch all 4 sports channels, and ESPN, for only £6 a month!

There are 2 main reasons why i thought this would be the best solution;

  1. The cost. Only a fraction of the cost for full sky sports, and well worth £6 a month.
  2. The fact that i can watch the cricket (and lots of other sports events) at the same time as my children are watching childrens TV, so don’t need another TV or be hidden away upstairs.

The app is available through itunes, and there are deals for sky sports subscribers. Now all i need to do is get some sleep after watching the ashes until stupid o’clock!