I recently looked into Learning score as a planning tool, and used it to deliver a maths lesson to a group of year 9 students. It seemed to work quite well and allowed students to be much more autonomous in their learning.




I combined the #UKSnowmap, which @tbarrett had started and crowd sourced from his twitter network, with the learning score planning tool. I uploaded the Learning score lesson onto our VLE (click here to read more), and got students to download the file. This allowed the students to immediately access the sites and examples directly infront of them, and show them what they needed to produce by the end of the lesson.

This managed to combine both Maths and ICT skills through the use of excel to handle the data, and also then answer questions about the data itself to show understanding. Students liked the idea of having the lesson mapped out for them so they could see where they were going, and move around the lesson freely.

Example of what was produced;