Trying to use these QR codes in my teaching recently has meant that i need to convert documents to a URL address so that the QR code can be connected to a web address and the document can be seen online. I have used a number of solutions for this problem;

  1. Google Docs; This is an obvious choice as each document can be assigned a unique address when you share the document.
  2. ; I have used this site to transform dull PDF files into really cool, magazine style interactive documents. This is a great way to put documents online.
  3. ; This site is a good way to get a url for the document. Another good thing is that it is a simple drag and drop from the desktop into ‘the crate’ (have a look and you will see what i mean!)
  4. ; This site gives you an embed code, and a url for the document.

I have been trying them all, becasue depending on which device you use to read the QR code depends on which site is the most appropriate. On the android phone that i use is probably the best to use with QR codes. But you will need to test the site with your own device to see which is the best for you.