I stumbled across this post by Deven Black  during my blog reading,  about differentiation http://bit.ly/hcu7Tv. It got me thinking. I really like this post as it reinforces what good teaching should be about. At the heart of this lesson design is choice. Too often teachers prescribe what is to be done, and then prescribe how it is going to be done. Students need choice. This means they can match the task to their learning preferences, and also choose a task that is going to keep them interested in the work. If you can get this right then students will amaze you with what they are capable of achieving. I am always striving to set up lessons where i make myself redundant. Someone told me once ‘the students should leave your class knackered, not you.’ In other words, they should be doing all the work and we should be pointing them in the right direction, and answering their questions not our questions to them.