I have been a massive fan of Evernote for the last few years, and like it so much that i have become a premium user. As a teacher i have found Evernote useful for a number of things. I wanted to just list the things i find Evernote really useful for and why.

  1. Saving emails; with the integration between outlook and Evernote it is as simple as clicking a button to move a copy of an email into Evernote. I find this particularly useful to store important emails which i want to tag and use as evidence. The premium account means that the attachments are saved as well. As the managed service we have at school has a small user area size, this frees up space for other things in my school user account.
  2. Storing assessment evidence; students email me work and i move it to Evernote to have as evidence of my assessment with classes.
  3. Syncing from a file; there a number of different backup storage sites on the market. Dropbox and Syncplicity are two that immediately spring to mind. But Evernote makes it very simple to sync a folder across from my school network to any other device i have Evernote installed on. More on this in a later post to come.
  4. Storing tweets that catch my eye; I email my Evernote account with any tweets that i am interested in reading, which normally have web links that i want to look at on my laptop (i usually use twitter on ipod touch to read twitter). These are then easily accessed at a later time.
  5. As a bookmarking application; when i see webpages i would like to keep or refer to later, i add them to Evernote by using the web clipper.

These main uses, and some others, mean that Evernote is a really important tool for me as a teacher, and is moving me towards an office with less and less paper.

How do you use Evernote? Do you use Evernote? I would be interested to hear you thoughts.