came to my attention from the excellent blog by Richard Byrne (see the post here It talked about the site being a way of collaborating on a document without the need to sign in or register. So i thought i would use this in one of my science lessons as a plenary, using it a bit like a ‘what have your learnt today’ exercise.

It worked quite well with students writing down what they felt they had learnt, and one student even said that she had enjoyed the lesson!! (see the example here;

There were one or two issues. Firstly, you can only have 8 people working on a document at one time, so not all the class could add their thoughts at the same time. This frustrated some of the class. Secondly, some of the comments were deleted by other people.

In conclusion i would say that the site could be very useful to use with group work, and collaborating with students to add questions or suggestions.

Check it out for yourself at How do you think it could be used?