I have been experimenting with webcams in the classroom, and trying to tie it in with the ideas i have been exploring with QR codes (see here). I downloaded QReader on my laptop and have teamed it with a basic webcam to get AGT students extended with rich media tasks by using worksheets. I put a QR code on the sheet which links to a video, or website, that relates to the topic and then set more open ended tasks from the stimulus. This seems to work particularly well, but i only have it on my staff laptop.

I have also been using webcams in the classroom for assessment and AfL. I got a students book and took a picture of the answer they had done and then got the rest of the class to level/ grade the work. This started a good conversation about what needed to be included in an answer, and why the answer might be a certain grade. I also used it to look at a past exam paper, and then use the IWB to write over the paper modelling answers for the group.

But a visualiser can do all that i hear you cry! Yes it does, however they are not particularly portable, they are normally fixed into one poition, and they can be quite expensive. I think webcams fulfil a large number of requirements from a piece of tech, and integrate into a wide varitety of situations in the classroom.

How have you used yours?