I have managed to get hold of an ipad to test in the classroom, and decide on whether it is a useable device in our school. One of the teachers wants to order 5, but we needed to test it first. There are a number of reason for this. First is the fact that we are a managed IT environment, and the devices would be on the guest wireless, and we needed to see what was available through the filter. Secondly, i am still not sure why i would buy an ipad for the classroom at the same price as a laptop? I am giving the ipad to a teacher and a student during the next week to see what functionality they use and if it is ‘better’ than a laptop.

The other issue is syncing the ipad to a school itunes device and downloading apps. I have not found an easy way to do this, and would welcome any suggestions!!

Lets see how it goes. How do you use ipads in your classroom?