I have a dropbox account which i use to back up my work and make sure i have key documents synced across all platforms. I recently did a few lessons on databases with my yr9 ICT class, and tried to use our VLE (fronter) to hand in the work for me to mark. I tested it out with a number of students and it didn’t want to work! So i had to come up with another solution. I had read somewhere about others being able to put documents into a dropbox account, so explored this idea.

I set up the dropbox file, then found a small plug-in for wordpress to put into my website (www.m-hodges.com). This meant that students could handin work straight from my site, and i could also password protect the page on my site. This worked a treat and students managed to hand in their work and all was well in the world!

My point here is that i think we have jumped into some very expensive VLE’s in the last few years, and actually the functions gained by the VLE could be set up, mostly free, elsewhere in wiki’s, websites or collaborative documents.