On a recent trip to Geneva (see post here for some thoughts) we had a talk from someone with reference to ‘gamification’. Now this was the first time i had heard the term, but knew what it meant, but seem to be behind the times as there are plenty of references to this on the web. I was interested to consider how i could use this in my lessons and to help develop the teachers i line manage.

I thought about the idea of choice, leaderboards, forums, communities and not being able to do everything in the task on your own. Some of these i include organically anyway. Ideas such as choice have been in my teaching for a while, choice gives the students ownership of their tasks, and also means they can learn in their prefered way. But the notion of leaderboards and forums interested me. How can we get leaderboards into a topic in Science for example? I am going to try this out in some year 9 revision lessons after the Easter break, and see if i can introduce some gamification. I am going to set up 3 sheets with revision from the core subjects, and then allow students to work through at their own pace. They will then show me their work/ answers, and this will form the basis of my leaderboard. I am also going to set up an online forum space for students to discuss ideas and questions to try and help each other out if they get stuck. I will post updates as successes or failures happen!