The last thing to come out of the trip to Geneva that i went on to see the HP innovation Centre was a product called multiseat. This is essentially about using thin clients in school to increase the number of devices that can operate off of one machine.

The idea of thin clients is nothing new, but i liked this idea! Basically the PC becomes the small server to ‘push’ out the image to a number of other machines. Obviously this is not going to be high end computing. This would do well for classes that just need the office suit and internet for research. This HP multiseat would allow about 5 computers to work from one PC, and all it uses is a little box to route the image to the monitor.

The really interesting part was when they were talking about being able to do this kind of thin client device on a laptop, so the learning and working can be more mobile. This is definately something i am looking into in order to increase device numbers but at a reduced cost. Even better would be if they could retro fit our current HP machines and reduce the price even further.