I have been reading the whiteboard blog recently, and i have found it really useful for resources to use on the IWB. Danny has a really good way of showing teachers how to use the IWB in an interactive way.

I tend to agree with the arguments against the use of the IWB in the classroom. In my experience most teachers use the IWB as an expensive projector! However being in a school where pretty much every classroom has one, i am keen to develop teachers use of them. The real skill in using the IWB is in the ability of the teacher to get students to interact with the content and engage the students with movement. This is particularly good for kinaesthetic learners, and boys inparticular, who enjoy getting out of their seats and being ‘involved’.

I will be using some of the ideas this blog has provided, and i am going to try and make sure that my starters, especially in my maths classes, use the principles of movement and engagement.

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