Here are 3 ideas for teaching tools to use on the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB);

1. Maths online tool kit. This is really useful as a teaching aid for maths classes. It allows you to have maths equipment on the board, and some visually prompts for concepts such as fractions.

I like this as it is not specific to a particular board type and can be used with any internet connected device on the IWB.

2. Google earth. Most people know lots about this, but it is great for engaging students. I used it to do a tour of the voyage of Titanic for an enquiry we did with year 8 students, and they just loved being able to see where everything is and the actual places visited. There are, of course, lots of ways to use google earth, but this is just one idea.
3. Poll everywhere. I love this site as a great starter to lessons, especially if the students are on laptops, or can access the internet on their mobile. Students can also text answers in for immediate view on the board. I have used it in maths as a starter by giving them a set of equations/ problems that they then have to add all the answers together and submit the overal answer to polleverywhere. For example, 3×3 4×10  1/2 of 50 they would submit 74.

Just a couple of ideas for your IWB, and some ways to use it more creatively than just the standard IWB software.