I have been doing a terms worth of ipad lessons now, and i have done a couple of cross curricular lessons in an ICT timetabled session. I tried to get the students thinking about how technology could be used in other subjects. So here are 3 of the lessons i have delivered;

Garageband; This was a pretty simple lesson where students were introduced to the app, and how to navigate around it. I then let the students simply create a tune. I put it in the context of me not being able to play/ sing/ read/ write a note of music, but then played them something i had made on gargeband. Now this was no contestant for a Brit award, but it sounded ok. This gave the students something to model their work on, and showed what was achievable. They then experimented and came up with some interesting tunes which we shared.

Frog dissection with pages thrown in- Science; (click here to see the app) This lesson involved the students dissecting a frog on the ipad which got the students completely hooked! They were essentially doing science, and looking at the internal organs of an animal. Students learnt what organs such as the spleen, liver and gall bladder were and how they worked. Once they had studied this, they then did a short write up of what they had learnt on pages, and i showed them how to do a screen print of the processes they had gone through to dissect the frog.

  Maps- Geography; In this lesson i gave the students a list of directions and places to find. For example i asked them to find out how far it was from our school to Paris, and how long it would take to get there. I also asked them to find particular places in the world and students needed to say which country they were in.


The lessons have gone well with the students, and they have enjoyed the freedom we have allowed in this lesson to explore and experiment with technology.