I recently read a post from Richard Byrne at http://www.freetech4teachers.com, which linked to some of the common myths about teaching in an article from eschool news (click here to view post). The one thing that stood out was myth number 7. Namely that because i went to school this means that i know about teaching and education.

There are a couple of things that get me angry here;

1. Educational policy is created and thought out by politicians who in the vast majority of cases (Estelle Morris and Vernon Coaker apart as a couple of examples) have never taught anything. They have their own personal ideology about what education should be and have no idea about what it is like on the ‘chalkface’.

2. Parents who think that they are in charge of the school and not the school/ head. They seem to think that just because they have been through education, they know what is best, and how to teach.  We as teachers have only spent 4-5 years training to be a teacher, and clearly don’t know what we are talking about!

Teaching is a profession. I wouldn’t go to a hospital and tell a doctor what to do just because i had spent time in hospital for an operation, so why do people see education as something any old tom, dick or harry can do?