I have been using ipads in an ICT lesson with year 9’s recently, and we have been using apps to explore different aspects of the curriculum. We have done things such as using garageband to explore music, maps and google earth to incorporate geography and others.

Today we used the ipads to create historical top trump cards of some famous people from history. This could be easily adapted for any number of subjects. Maths could have pictures of mathematical concepts and then get students to draw examples on them, English could use it with characters from a book etc.

We used comic touch lite (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/comic-touch-lite/id306608970?mt=8), Safari internet explorer and Bump (http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/bump/id305479724?mt=8).


  1. Students either choose or are assigned historical figures (maths ideas/ characters etc).
  2. Using safari students find a picture of the person, and copy it to the photo gallery.
  3. Open comic touch lite, and start a new project using photo from camera roll.
  4. Then add captions or speech bubbles around the picture.
  5. Save the comic to the camera roll.
  6. Open bump.
  7. Instruct students to collect all the top trumps cards that have been made and peer assess the cards.
  8. Bump the best one to the teachers ipad (if you have one) to print off for display.

Here is an example of what was produced in about 20 minutes by a student. They obviously need to do the research around the person/ idea/ concept first.