I came across this YouTube clip from Scott Williams about leadership and management;


I thought that it was an interesting video to watch and covered some really valid points. I was watching it from the point of view of educational leadership, and it struck me that a lot of this video and other articles/ videos on educational leadership talk very much about leadership being somehow superior to management. I am not sure i really agree with this.

Obviously it all depends on the situation you find yourself in, and the context. However i believe that the two are intrinsically linked. I dont think that you can seperate management from leadership. There are clear differences between the two, but you need both to be an effective educational leader. Yes you need to climb to the top of the tree to see where you are going, as Stephen Covey said, but you also need to realise when you are up the wrong tree. It is no good being a fantastic visionary, but unable to meet deadlines. It is no good being able to lead change, but not spot when stability is needed. It’s ok to have a direction, but you need a detailed plan of how to get there.

In essence i think that Scott’s video is really good (i particularly like the way it is shot and put together). But we need to be careful about giving a hierarchy to management and leadership.

What are your thoughts?