I had a lesson observation today, and decided to risk some technology to engage the students, and give the tasks some interest.

I was teaching BODMAS to year 7, and put together a QR code treasure hunt for them to follow. They then had to add the answers they worked out from the clues together and submit the answer to polleverywhere. It worked really well and they made some good progress.

To get to the QR codes i used a class set of 13 ipad2’s, and as they have a camera, can be used to scan the codes and get to the text that they ‘hide’. We downloaded a simple QR code scanner app, and off they went. It was a fun way to get the students to develop their understanding of BODMAS, and added a competitive edge to the lesson!

I have uploaded the resource to the tes resource website here. Feel free to download and comment as to what you think.