Skitch is a new iPad app that lets you take pictures, screenshots, web pages or photos and annotate them. This is then able to be saved into evernote and used later or as a reference.

Now I really love evernote, and have talked about it before on this blog, and use it in all my work flows. This addition of skitch means that getting pictures annotated and into evernote could not be easier.
So how have I used skitch in my teaching? How am I going to use it? Here are a couple of my ideas;
1. Having an iPad and moving around groups means that with the camera I can find students with good work, take a picture, annotate it with them so they can get some AfL there and then, then display this work on the board through my laptop after I have quickly synced with evernote. Students then see a model example/ good piece of work.

2. Using skitch I take photos of students work as evidence of assessment. This is then stored in evernote if I need to moderate or show evidence of grades given. With this I can also annotate, then email then students the picture of their work giving the grade and feedback.

3. Putting together tutorials is easier with skitch as well. Taking a web page and annotating what to do makes life so much easier with some students! I also take an iPad lesson with a year 9 group, and skitch gives me the ability to annotate screenshots to show how to use apps.

Have you found skitch yet? How do/ could you use it?