This is a great app for the iPad, and allows you to have the laptop applications you are running show up on the iPad. This is great for teachers! This means that you can have your documents from your laptop show on the iPad, then run this through the IWB with the iPad plugged in. This means your laptop does not have to be in the same room as you, so you don’t have to carry it around with you. This is nice if you teach in a number of different rooms as I do.

The other thing this is great for is as a mobile slate for the IWB.
So how would this work? When the laptop and iPad are on the same wifi, start splashtop on the laptop and iPad. Once running you can get the IWB software up (in my case I use smart notebook). Once this is running you can use the touch screen ability of the iPad to pass amongst students to get them to fill in answers, contribute to discussions, annotate other peoples work or any other things you can think of. This will then show up on the IWB where the laptop is plugged in.
It also means you can run flash based programmes and software on the iPad through the splashtop app showing your laptop.
Can you think of any more ideas of how it could be useful for teachers?