I posted the other week about the way i have started to use Skitch with ipad and evernote in my teaching (read it here).

I thought that i would post a couple of examples of how i have used Skitch and the ipad with evernote in maths.

In this picture a student has decided to do a pictogram, whereas the rest of the class had decided to do a bar chart showing the information i had presented them with. I took a picture with skitch, and annotated it in about 30 seconds, then saved to evernote. Opened evernote on the mac plugged into the IWB, and synced the account. The picture then showed in my account after about 30 seconds. I then showed this to the class and we discussed the merits of bar charts and pictograms. This was a great discussion starter and got students having to justify why they had decided on a bar chart, when a pictogram could have done a better job.

The students liked the fact that their work was able to be displayed on the board, and could see feedback ‘on their work’.

My adventure with skitch, ipad and evernote continues!!