I have been experimenting in a few ways with QR codes at school at the moment, especially in my maths lessons. The students like using them, and think it is almost ‘magical’ the way that they work. From a teachers point of view, i like the way that a small code can be used to direct you to some really interesting work, or multimedia that wouldn’t normally be able to be put in books!

I read a tweet from @joedale about a website called checkthis. When i went to the site it had the tagline, ‘somewhere between nothing and a blog’. This caught my eye. @joedale had suggested it could be good to use this site with QR codes, so i thought i would give it a go. The site allows you to insert text, video, images and links. We are currently doing data handling with yr7, and i thought that this site would be good for the students to do a summary page of what mean, mode and median were.

After some technical difficulties (it was unblocked on teacher access, but blocked on students access!) the page worked quite well. The students researched some good youtube videos which helped explain the ideas, and found web links to games to help develop understanding further. They then published the page. The good thing is that you don’t need to register on the site, and just need to give an email address. Once this is done checkthis give you a unique address for your page, and it is this which fits with the QR code.

The students then took that address and pasted into a QR code generator, printed off the QR code and stuck it in their books. This now means that i can scan the code and see a rich multimedia page with their summary on it, and they also have a revision page they can access. The ideas for this are really interesting. This could be ideal for an e-portfolio, or any revision type page. The codes could then be put into a table and a whole selection of page codes could be accessed.

Check the site out and see what you think. Checkthis.com