Getting videos into Notebook from youtube can be frustrating, but well worth the effort, especially if you have youtube blocked in your school. I know that many primary schools have youtube blocked, but would love to use the educational content that is available.

Well there is a quick (ish) way of doing it. Here goes;

1. Go to youtube at home, or where you can access it and find your content.

2. When the video comes up and is playing, pause it and go to the url address bar at the top of the page. 

3. Just after the www. and before the youtube part, add in the word ‘kick’.

4. This should take you to a download site, where your video can be downloaded in the FLV format that you need to insert it into notebook.

5. Click the file type you want, and save it on your computer.

6. Open notebook and click on ‘insert’ then ‘Flash video file’. Find the video on your computer and open it.

That should now put the video into your notebook file, and allow you to show relevant youtube videos in class.