Blocks! is an ipad app which uses ‘lego’ on a 3D grid, and allows you to build things and make scences. I was planning a science lesson on elements and compounds and realised that i could use this app to show how compounds are made up.

After introducing the idea of compounds being elements chemically joined together, we looked at some diagrams of compounds such as water, and discussed the fact that water has 2 hydrogen molecules and 1 oxygen molecule. I then got the students to find the chemical formulas of some different compounds such as hydrochloric acid and copper sulphate. Once they had found these formulas they then had to represent these compounds in Blocks! Students had to decide on a colour for each element and then build the compound with the right number of blocks.

This idea really helped the students to visualise the compounds and how they were joined together, and especially the number of molecules of each element in a compound.

Find Blocks here;!/id390088835?mt=8

How have you used Blocks!