I have been waiting for this! SMART have released the notebook app for the iPad which now means that you can save files in places like Dropbox, evernote, skydive or google drive then open them on the iPad and edit notebook files.
Search the app store for notebook and you should find it and it costs £4.99. This now means that for me I could just use the iPad to plan and deliver lessons on the IWB, and reduce the amount I do on the laptop.
Initial thoughts;
1. The app is quite basic at the moment, but I am sure that smart will add to this as they develop it. It has the basic functionality of text, pen, eraser and insert picture.
2. You can insert pictures from the iPad, and a good feature is the ability to insert a picture from the camera.
3. Once completed files can be emailed.
4. You can add sound/ voice to an object, and move it around the page.

Although the functionality is basic, I think this will be great for me to use on the iPad, and free me to work in a more mobile way.