I wanted to add a post showing what i was planning to do from next September when i will be teaching yr8 and yr9 ICT for 2 lessons a week.
There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, i have used other peoples ideas for lesson plans, Schemes of Work and resources and i felt it was time i offered ‘something out there’. Secondly, to get some feedback from people on the ideas and plan.
There is a dialogue (if that is what you can call it) at the moment in the UK about the ICT curriculum. Should it be computing? Should it be ICT? Should it be digital literacy? I think it needs to be a mixture of all 3. Not all students are going to be programmers, but they will probably all use software in workplaces in the future, and they should all understand the notion of digital literacy. However the ideas of computing and computational thinking are valid to all, and encourage logical thinking and problem solving strategies.
I haven’t gone into too much detail about national curriculum levels and assessment, as i dont see much point developing a whole new assessment approach, when in all honesty, the government will be imposing an assessment framework in the near future. Lets wait and see. I have only done the ICT section of the plan, as the teacher i work with is more advanced/ better qualified to develop the computer science sections.
Feedback in the comments would be really helpful.

KS3 SoW 2013 14