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I read an article on Seth Godins blog the other day about treating different customers differently. Although Seth writes from the perspective of business, and customer relations, the post (click here to view the post got me thinking about how this could apply to teachers in educational leadership.

Why is it that we as educational leaders view teachers as exactly the same? Why is it that a teacher who is regularly observed as an outstanding teacher is treated the same way as an inadequate teacher? If we know that someone regular marks books and is on top of everything, why do we monitor them in the same way as a teacher new to the organisation who needs to build a reputation?

I think it is distinctly ‘unfair’ that education leaders in schools treat teachers exactly the same. I think some of Seths ideas about tailoring the experience to the individual is needed. We insist on personalised education for students, but now need to think about personalised coaching and support for teachers, not a blanket round of observations even though the SLT in the school know which teachers will fall into each category. Why not spend the hour that would have been used for the observation on developing a programme for a ‘good’ teacher to move their pedagogy on, and challenge their thinking. Surely this is a better use of everyones time!

Just a thought.

This is the prezi i used in the staff training session on e-safety. I tried to keep it informative and relevant, while at the same time getting the message across.