How can you work more effectively on an ipad?

This is one question i have been trying to find an answer to for the past couple of months. Being a teacher, it could be really useful if i could ditch the laptop and work from the ipad. However, i have not been able to seamlessly integrate MS office and the ipad (the school is a MS environment). This could clearly be my lack of knowledge and understanding, but i just could not do it.

Two things have changed that have meant i can now do this more effectively. One is the release of the oncloud app, and the second is google drive.

Oncloud is an app that allows users to create and edit MS office documents from the ipad, and then store them with an online storage site. The app connects with box, dropbox and google drive. I have a dropbox account, but most, if not all of my work is on google docs, which will be changing to google drive. So i downloaded the app and connected to my google docs account. The app synced beautifully, and then allowed me to create office documents that were saved into the google drive account. This means i am free from the laptop if i want to create anything meaningful. I can now for example;

1. Leave the laptop at school and work from the ipad at home.

2. Using a bluetooth keyboard i can write reports, do spreadsheets and make powerpoint presentations. I can also use pictures and video from my ipad in these documents.

3. Collaborate on documents and work on them anywhere.

This now means that the ipad, for me. becomes much more of a creation tool rather than just a comsumption tool. Things made in apps that save to the ipad can be put into a document, accessed back in school and then printed or saved into portfolios, or used as assessment evidence.

How are you using your ipad in a microsoft environment? What about ipads in education, can oncloud be an effective way for teachers to be more productive and gain time to balance work with life?